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Log splitter---How to change screen mesh for wood grinder


Timber mill host is mainly composed of a machine frame, a rotor disk, a hammer, a screen, feeding plate and other parts, and the timber mill screen in the whole process of the work to the material screening filtering effect, while ensuring that the hammer crushing clearance, severe wear of the parts is also vulnerable to the timber mill parts, customers need to the parts replacement to ensure high yield of equipment in use after a certain period of time.
The replacement of the wood grinder screen is actually very simple, it only takes 3~5 minutes to complete. A simple summary will take only 4 steps to complete.
In the first step, first lay the wood grinder screen on the bottom pressing mesh, then tighten the net with the tight mesh ring on the lower pressing mesh.
The second step is to press the lower pressure net ring together with the special screen mesh of the grading screen with a bolt on the upper pressure net ring, and notice that the bolt should be symmetrical and compacted.
The third step is to lock and reinforce the screen body.
The fourth step is to turn the lumber mill rotor to check the clearance between the blade and the screen to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.