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Log splitter---How to clean the bottom of the mower


The daily maintenance and maintenance of the mower is important and relates to the life of the mower. Do the following to extend the life of the mower and improve its efficiency. Remove the grease. Spray the degreaser on the oil stained area and let it sit for 10-15 minutes to allow the degreaser and oil to react fully. Wipe it off with a towel and rinse it with a water pipe.

Spray the bare parts of the mower with a spray lubricant to prevent rusting of the parts. Care and maintenance of the mower Thoroughly clean the bottom of the mower, the deck and the fuel tank cap. Before performing any maintenance, remove the spark plug wires and opening devices, and remove the landing gear and deck with hoses, putty knives, and car cleaners. Stacked impurities.

The fuel tank cap is provided with a venting hole, and the particles deposited on the upper surface are scraped off by a brush to prevent the vent hole from being blocked. Then close the fuel tank cap and check for blockages. If so, it is recommended to replace the fuel tank cap.

Need to be reminded that often replace consumable parts, improve equipment performance, develop the habit of frequently checking the key parts of the lawn mower, and replace parts as needed.