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Log splitter---How to prevent the output of wood crusher from falling


The quality of the wood will affect the production efficiency of the wood crusher to a certain extent. How to improve the crushing efficiency of the wood crusher has become one of the most important issues that people want to know. To increase the productivity of the wood crusher is inseparable from the daily maintenance and repairs. To improve the production efficiency of the wood crusher, care must be taken in the tool. If the knife is found to have problems with cracks and wear, it is necessary to care for or change tools, etc. This can greatly increase the production efficiency of enterprises and increase the economic efficiency of enterprises.
Here's a brief introduction to the reasons that led to the reduction of wood mill output.
 First of all, the problem of raw materials can result in a reduction in production. The types and characteristics of the raw material used in the wood crusher may lead to a certain reduction in production, but generally it will not reduce too much.
  Second, the humidity of the raw material and the excessive humidity of the crushed material make the comminution process of the wood crusher difficult, thereby affecting the yield.
 Finally, too low a voltage can easily affect the stability of the wood crusher. In addition to reducing the production efficiency of the wood crusher, it may also damage the motor.