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Log splitter---Installation and commissioning of the branch shredder


The tree shredder is used to pulverize the branches and branches of the diameter of 1-20 cm. It is suitable for pruning branches of fruit trees, forest farms, tea farms, gardens, etc. Because of its convenient operation and mobility, it can also be applied to the crushing of branches of parks, roads, schools, enterprises and institutions.
Installation and commissioning of the branch shredder:

1. Before using the new machine, first open the upper cover to check the distance between the moving and fixed knife and the knife. The clearance between the moving knife and the fixed knife is 0.2mm-0.3mm.

2. Check if the screws of each part are tightened.

3. The host pulley and the power pulley must be on a flat surface, after the belt is good, the elastic adjustment should be moderate, not too loose or too tight.

4. Before starting the machine, you can turn the pulley by hand. There should be no friction and collision during the rotation. Finally, start up and check the running direction before normal production.