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Log splitter---Installation and use of the grinder


There are many types of crushers, and the chances of crushing different materials are quite different. If the raw materials are to be processed well, your crusher should be good enough. The pulverizing equipment generally includes two kinds of mechanical equipment, which are a crushing machine and a grinding machine, wherein the grinding machine can also be called a pulverizing machine. Its function is to pulverize the solid material to make it into a fine powder or powdery material. So its application is very extensive.

Crushing installation

1.Perform necessary inspection before installation, and promptly handle if there is any problem

2.Generally, the crushing equipment does not need to be balanced when it is installed, because its products have been carried out before leaving the factory.

3.There should be enough space around the pulverizer to enable feeding and overhaul.

4.The equipment foundation is solid and must be of sufficient strength to be able to smoothly install its main engine and motor.

5.Check if the direction of rotation of the motor is correct.

6.Install according to the requirements, etc. After installation, manually rotate the rotor to check whether the rotation is flexible.

The crusher is mainly used in the chemical, food and other industries. It is mainly used for chemical materials, Chinese medicinal materials containing roots, branches and block materials, various low-oil foods, grains and other hard and brittle materials. The fineness is adjusted between 10-200 mesh, and has the advantages of high output, fine grain size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance and convenient installation.

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