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Log splitter---It is important to guarantee the quality of the lawn trimming


From the power of the lawn mower, it can be divided into two categories: manpower and power (engine power).

The artificial lawn mower is the oldest lawn mower, mainly using a hob structure, which is driven by a manual hob to trim grass blades. Suitable for small lawn families, low cost of purchase and use. Engine powered lawn mowers can be divided into different types of products depending on the site, area and engine specifications, but the same is that the blades are driven by engine power and rotate at high speed to achieve the effect of lawn construction.

Compared with the human lawn mower, the utility model has the advantages of good pruning effect, high work efficiency and low labor intensity. It is suitable for lawn mowers in small and medium-sized areas. It can be used in closed indoor space lawn mowers such as hotels and venues because of the noiseless and exhaust pollution caused by the use of electric garden lawn mowers.

Weeding is one of the most basic tasks in the routine maintenance of the lawn. According to the characteristics of the lawn, choose the appropriate lawn trimmer, master the correct operation and maintenance methods, not only can guarantee the quality of the lawn trimming, but also maximize the efficiency of the lawn trimmer.

Since humans began planting lawns as landscape architects, they have been working on how to mow the lawn to maintain beauty and health. From early manual knife cutting, even grazing bites, to modern engine powered lawn trimming machines, equipment continues to evolve, work efficiency and trimming effects are also increasing.