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Log splitter---Maintenance problems of the pulverizer blade


During the use of equipment in long-term, different environments (including harsh environments), mechanical parts wear, gaps increase, and coordination changes directly affect the original balance of the equipment. The stability, reliability, and efficiency of the equipment will be reduced to a considerable extent, and even the mechanical equipment will lose its inherent basic performance and will not function properly. In this way, the equipment will be overhauled or replaced with new equipment, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of the enterprise and affect the rational allocation of enterprise resources.

1. When the stress on the cross section of a certain risk exceeds the strength of the applied part of the part, the use condition of the crack will occur, and when the applied part is subjected to the variable stress, the cross section is relatively simple and fatigue cracking occurs. Use status. For example, cracking of bolts in a branch mill, etc., are all due to such reasons. At this time, the bolts should be replaced in time.

2. The wear of the parts, the long-term use of any mechanical parts, there will be a certain amount of wear, wear to a certain extent, it will not be able to use, therefore, the wear and tear to the extent of the accessories must be in time to contact Manufacturer replacement processing.

3. Maintenance problems of the pulverizer blade, any defects of the blade must be dealt with in time, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine and constitute damage to other parts inside the pulverizer.

4. Due to the fact that the waste tree shredders are mostly in the open air and in the open air, they are often exposed to dust, sand and water, and the fuselage is easily contaminated. Therefore, it is necessary to scrub the body regularly to keep the body dry and not easy to rust. If necessary, the machine can be repainted to prevent the body from rusting.

5. When the branch pulverizer starts to work, if the material is placed, it can be placed less first, then slowly add the amount of the material to be placed, so that the production efficiency of the branch pulverizer can be gradually improved. Slow heat to make the performance of the branch shredder to a large extent.