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Log splitter---New log splitter saves the time for lumber business


Many Log Splitter Manufacturers are aimed at their high-speed commercial New Log Splitter,dedicated to landscape design, tree services and commercial wood producers. In order to saving the time for lumber business, the company's new 22TON ELECTRIC LOG SPLITTER splits wood five times faster than conventional hydraulic devices and consumes less fuel.

The main features include 25"/63.5CM log capacity with steel log cradle to stabilize cutting position, which can be inverted and split on both sides, 16" D.O.T. tire with high speed axle, which is more safer, and patent handles are being patented to absorb the energy at stall time. We believe that the torque spring in the handle reduces the operator's bounce force, plus minimizing the handle stroke distance and operating force, which means that the device's ergonomics is second to none."

Log Splitter Manufacturers have asked commercial firewood producers in different countries all over the world to test for months and then provide feedback to the industry.

The Manufacturer believes that it is crucial to the development of this design.The new 22TON ELECTRIC LOG SPLITTER is faster than the twenty to fourty tons of wood-splitting machines that were hydraulically powered.It does not use hydraulic fluids or parts so that maintenance is also easier.