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Log splitter---New wood crusher eliminates the traditional screening process


Wood crusher is a kind of hammer crusher, which mainly uses the principle of blade chip and airflow impact to pulverize the material to be crushed. This equipment mainly consists of smashing, grading, pneumatic conveying, unloading and dust removal. It eliminates the traditional screening process and uses wind energy to form a powder. The machine performance has been greatly improved compared to other similar products.

The wood crusher consists of a body, a middle body, and a lower body. The mid-body body is equipped with a triple stator large circle, a crusher head, and a fineness analyzer. The host uses alloy heads. It has a high degree of wear resistance and thus also increases the yield. With coarse crushing, fine crushing, and centrifugal crushing, the motor drives the high-speed operation of the crusher rotor, so that the machine generates high-speed air flow to produce high-strength impact force, compression force, cutting force on the crushing material, and achieve a unique crushing function.

The wood crusher is a new type of wood production line that produces the ideal woodworking machinery and equipment. The wood shredder components consist of mainly organic shells, bearings, screen meshes, transmission wheels, and troughs. All materials are cast from manganese steel.