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Log splitter---Performance characteristics of mobile tree shredder


1.Adopt imported blades: sharp and durable. Smooth cutting

2.The power output is stable and the failure rate is low. About 10cm branches can be broken

3.This machine is small in size, compact in structure, easy to maintain and move.

Mobile tree shredder reliability: large output, uniform fineness, not only low carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, but also low noise and reduced dust pollution. High reliability.

Mobile tree shredder safety: advanced technology, meticulous research and development, improved technology, high security.

Mobile tree shredder adaptable: mainly suitable for covering bare soil, preventing dust; inhibiting weed growth; moisturizing soil; manure or natural decomposing improved soil; good organic fertilizer potting soil; herbivorous animal feed; edible fungus cultivation base . Pulp and man-made board materials, biofuels, etc.

Mobile tree shredder economics: It can directly smash waste branches and corner scraps to realize secondary utilization of resources and improve economic value.