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Log Splitter-----Precautions for the use of sawdust


1, Wood mill work, prevent wood with metal, brick, stone, into the machine; no doubt all the work material and machine, start feeding, feeding should be uniform feeding stable power, can play out, together to prevent the appearance of feed card. The equipment must be smooth, smooth gas processing according to frequency, time, so as to make the processed commodities life longer, very good production. Normally the host ground bearing per 12 hours plus an oiling the MoS2 grease, wood mill 8 points.
2. The fineness of the sawdust can be adjusted according to the azimuth of the adjusted valve, and the fineness of the product should be checked in time. The quantity in the fine grinding material of the sawdust grinder will affect the powder making, the adhesion will affect the loose, the wood powder should be over the sieve early, and the size of the particles will also affect the output value. Wood mill can produce materials of primary wood, pine, hardwood, Yang wood, fir, bamboo, bamboo and wood, and can also be used for thatch, straw, corn stalk, sorghum stalk and stalk fiber like material.
3, During the production and application of sawdust crusher, chipper and wood destroying machine, vulnerable parts have applied cycle, and replace them at a certain time. The abrasive wear resistance of sawdust grinder is better, and the productivity of sawdust crusher is bigger. No wear resistance will affect production capacity. The wind time of the sawdust shredder is affected by the voltage wavering, and it should be focused on.