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Log splitter---Precautions when using the tree shredder


The tree shredder is also called wood chipping machine. It can be sliced ​​and smashed into one. The branches and branches with chip diameter of 1-20 cm are mainly used for processing pine, miscellaneous, poplar, fir, raw bamboo and other materials. Used for wood chip machining in edible fungus culture media. At the same time, the equipment can also be used for cutting chips of fibrous stalk materials such as bamboo, thatch, corn stalk and sorghum stalk.


1.In order to ensure the safety and normal work of the person and the machine, a special person shall be appointed to be responsible for the safekeeping and use. The machine shall not be operated arbitrarily without learning the procedures and operating techniques.

2.Check if the screws at the joint are loose, especially the screws of the blade and the fixed knife. Pay more attention to the screws if they are loose.

3.It is strictly forbidden to feed the feeding bucket directly.

4.When replacing the fixed knife and the screen, do not replace it with ordinary fasteners.

5.When feeding materials, it should be even, not too much, so as to avoid the phenomenon of boring.

6.The motor should be selected according to the nameplate of the machine. It is not allowed to increase the spindle speed arbitrarily. Do not remove the protective devices of each part at will.

7.When feeding materials, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the feeding bucket by hand. It can be fed inward with corn stover or the like.

8.If abnormal noise occurs during operation, stop the inspection immediately and prohibit the troubleshooting when the machine is running.

9.If it is not used for a long time, anti-rust oil should be applied to the non-painted area.