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Log splitter---The classification and working principle of lawn mower


According to the operation mode, the lawn mower can be generally divided into a hand push type, a hand push type, a lawn car, etc.; according to the configuration power mode, it can be divided into a human type, an engine type, and an electric type; Hob type, rotary knife type, reciprocating type,etc.

Select according to the classification of working parts. The rotary knife type lawn mower are suitable for the use of ordinary lawn. The hob type lawn mower is suitable for lawns with flat ground and high quality, such as various sports fields and intensive areas of golf courses. The reciprocating lawn mower is mainly applicable. On the two sides of the road, riverbank green belt and weed bushes, the electric lawn mower is generally suitable for residential communities and lawns around the courtyard. Because it is convenient to use, low noise, no smoke emission, it is environmentally friendly. For greening construction units, green maintenance teams and large-area greening units, it is advisable to use an internal combustion engine-powered lawn mower with a power requirement of 4 kW or more.

Referring to the experience value, a 4.4kW hand-push lawn mower has an hourly operation of about 500m, and a day's mowing area is about 3000m. When used, the lawn with an area of ​​2000~3500m can be used as a hand-push lawn mower; 4000- The 7000m can be used with a self-propelled lawn mower, which can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. For a large area of ​​flat grassland (more than 10,000 m2), depending on the economic strength of the unit, you can consider buying a lawn car. If the green area of ​​a certain unit is about 10,000 m and is divided into several pieces, you can purchase three sets of hand-push 4.4kW lawn mowers or two self-propelled 4.4kW lawn mowers.

In addition, if the lawn is not flat and has a certain slope, consider using a lawn machine with a rear wheel to increase the effort.