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Log splitter---The classification of weeding machinery


Mowers, also known as lawn mowers, weed cutters, consist of a cutter head, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail, and a control section. It consists of a parallel four-bar lifting device, a frame, left and right single-wing squeegee devices, a complete machine deviation adjusting device, a comb-tooth rotation conical gear speed-up transmission mechanism, and a comb-like profile depth-adjustment device; the efficiency is improved by 8 to more than that of artificial grasses. 10 times, the rate of injury is low, in addition to the high cleanliness rate of seedlings, it saves the time of weeding workers and reduces a lot of human resources.

Weeding machinery classification

According to different classification criteria, lawn mowers can have the following divisions:

A.according to the travel points: intelligent semi-automatic trailing type, rear push type, mount type, tractor suspension type.

B. according to the power points: human and animal power drive, engine drive, electric drive, solar drive. way of points: hob type, rotary knife type, side hanging type.

D.according to the requirements: flat, half-waist, truncated.

Hand-held rotary mowers are generally equipped with knifeless cutting discs. High-strength nylon ropes are used as forage cutting parts. Flexible structures are not afraid of hitting rigid obstacles. They are safer to use and are easy to replace.

Lawn mowers work in reciprocating and rotating modes. Their high mowing efficiency saves time and realizes the functions of green environmental protection and beautifying the environment. The operation is simple, convenient and efficient, so it is widely used. The machine is small and suitable for small and medium sized lawns. The use of lawn mowers should be based on the requirements, determine the height of stubble after cutting grass, use very convenient.

When cutting grass, it can only be trimmed along the slope, and cannot be trimmed along the slope. Modern lawn mowers are more conducive to operation.