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Log splitter---The grass lawn mower is suitable for lawns that are frequently trimmed


Too much terrain changes limit the use of large lawn mowers. If the terrain is undulating or slightly sloped, a self-propelled lawnmower should be used to improve work efficiency. Large-diameter rear wheels (high-wheel models) can also be used for easy implementation. If the slope is too large to facilitate the use of the lawn mower, an air-cushion mower can be used to trim the lawn on the slope.

There are flower beds, shrubs, trees, hedges, stones, sculptures and architectural sketches in the lawn. It is not convenient for the operation of the lawnmower. The pruning efficiency is low, and the small hand-push lawn mower can be selected. It is best to use a 10,000 wheel wheel model or a high wheel model lawn machine that is easy to grasp.

According to the method of weeding, common lawn mowers are: side row, grass collection and grass lawn mower

The side-row lawn mower is suitable for evenly cutting grass and trimming large-area lawns in a timely manner, and the labor intensity is lower than that of the lawn mower using the grass collecting method.

The lawn machine with grass collection function is suitable for finely trimming the lawn with high requirements on the quality of the lawn, but frequent emptying of the grass bag increases the workload.

Cover the cut grass on the surface of the soil; it can restore nutrients, maintain soil moisture, and prevent weeds from growing. The grass lawn mower is suitable for lawns that are frequently trimmed and lawn trimmed to a high degree to reduce the amount of fertilizer applied.