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Log splitter---The home lawn mower is designed for home users


Under normal circumstances, the hob mower trim quality is better than the hanging knife (impact) type, but most of the price is high, the trimming height range is narrow, the technical requirements are high, and the maintenance is cumbersome. It is often used for the golf course's fruit collar and fairway. Trimming of the teeing area lawn, sports ground and ornamental lawn. The common football field lawn stripes are left after the work of the hob-type lawn mower.

The hanging knife type lawn mower is low in price, widely used, wide in use, convenient in maintenance and repair, suitable for garden lawn, general green lawn, park lawn, facility lawn and soil and water conservation lawn trimming.

Household, special and professional lawn mower

The home lawn mower is designed for home users. The size of the family lawn is small, and the frequency and time of use are short. From the material and machine grades, it is not as good as commercial and professional, the price is low, the power is small, and the service life is relatively short, so this kind of machine is suitable for families and units with small turf area.

Commercial and professional lawn mowers are highly equipped in terms of materials and power systems, and are suitable for professional lawn service companies, professional greening companies, units with large lawns, golf courses, stadiums and other professional lawn trimming work. Such lawn mowers have a high price, but have a long service life and good long-term benefits. In some countries, the majority of the purchase of lawn mowers is used, and the lawn area is mostly more than 500 square meters. It is recommended to choose commercial or professional machines.