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Log splitter---The machine has little noise and vibration during production


The Log Splitter is a new type of ultra-fine micro-wood powder device newly developed by adopting high-tech advanced technology at home and abroad. The machine integrates the crushing principle of various traditional log splitter at home and abroad to innovate, and is a traditional crushing principle.

The wood shredder has been successfully developed into a high-efficiency energy-saving wood shredder incorporating three types of shredding principles. The machine is equipped with a fineness analyzer and is specialized in light materials and fiber materials,brittle materials,tough materials and other new types of difficult milling equipment.

The feed inlet of the machine adopts self-priming feed to ensure safe production for a long time. It replaces the shortcomings of traditional log splitter feeding directly, accidentally throwing in metal blocks, and even severely damaging the wood flour machine. The machine is made of fine, high processing technology, the use of double body, the body into the water to play a water cooling role, into a new type of material, play the role of sound insulation, heat dissipation.

Therefore, the machine has little noise and vibration during production. The appearance is beautiful, sturdy and durable, and the output is high. Compared with the traditional wood flour machine, the efficiency is improved by more than 50%. It is an ideal milling equipment that cannot be replaced by any smashing equipment.