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Log splitter---The mobile tree shredder has a wide range of uses


What should we do with large number of trimmed branches and branches in the orchard? Previously, we loaded them into an open space, piled them up in large quantities or landfilled, or burned these abandoned branches. This is the only place to go for abandoned branches. In this way of treatment, the branches do not get its use value at all and pollute the environment. The government is forbidden. So, how can we do it without wasting it? Then use the branch shredder. Use a tree shredder to dispose of these abandoned branches, bark, etc., both to protect the environment and to reuse resources.

If we are dealing with some branches and other items in gardens and orchards, we can buy a small branch shredder, which is safe and reliable and easy to operate. The installation is equipped with four wheels for it to move. This way we can trim the branches and use the tree shredder to smash the branches. At the same time, the mobile tree shredder is driven by diesel engines, which fully solves the troubles of using forestry resources such as orchards and gardens. Of course, the motor version can also be configured, which is equally easy to use.

In addition to the above features, the mobile tree shredder has a wide range of uses, mainly for gardens, forestry, road greening, parks, golf courses, orchard pruning and other related units. The treated materials can be used to produce organic fertilizers, edible fungi, bio-generated particles, furniture, wood, paper, and the like.