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Log splitter---The new log splitter helps to realize the recycling of resources


The new log splitter drives the spindle at high speed by the motor, so that the mechanical energy produces high-impact impact force, compression force, cutting force, friction force and action on the crushed material, so the machine has a unique crusher for the fibrous material.

The function is filtered through the screen and then taken out by the fan, so in order not to damage the hammer and the screen, etc., the material pulverized by the customer must have unity.

The small wood shredder raw materials do not contain hard materials such as metal. Before the factory leaves the equipment, the user is reminded that the material does not contain metal and other small wood shredders in order to ensure the standard rate of the flat and does not contain metal; in addition, the bearings of small wood shredders should be cleaned.

The advantage of the new log splitter is that it can not only smash, but also slice the material, which realizes the complicated and varied collection of raw materials. The new log splitter is a kind of smashing rough wood and crushing large diameter. The wood material realizes the collection and multi-functionality of the raw material collection. The double-mouth log splitter utilizes the waste wood and the furniture factory waste to realize the recycling of resources.