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Log splitter---The operation process of lawn mower


1. When you use the lawn mower for the first time, be sure to read the operation and maintenance manual.

2. when mowing, be sure to wear strong shoes, not bare feet, and do not wear exposed sandals to operate the mower.

3. Before starting each machine, check whether the blade and engine mounting screws are tightened; check if the engine needs to be refueled, but do not exceed the standard calibration position; check if the gasoline is sufficient.

4. Do not refuel indoors while the engine is running or still at high temperatures. Do not smoke while refueling.

5. before trimming, thoroughly check the trimming area, remove branches, stones, wires, wires and other debris; pay attention to dangerous parts such as holes and stumps.

6. Do not adjust the height of the wheel while the engine is running. Be sure to stop until the blade is completely still and adjust its level.

7. different speeds are suitable for different grass conditions. The engine's top speed is suitable for tall and strong grass. The lowest speed is suitable for short and thin grass. Push the mower away at an appropriate speed.

8. When cutting grass on the slope, first familiarize yourself with the applicable slope of the lawn mower. Do not cut the grass on the slope with too much slope. Do not cut it up and down again. Be very careful when changing the direction of the lawn.