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Log splitter---The structure of mounted mower is light and flexible


Samples of hung mowers Formally, hung mowers are side-mounted, one on their backs. By comparison, side-mounting is lighter, more durable and more efficient.

The reason for durability:

(1) Theoretically speaking, using the same engine to achieve the same function, the more complicated the structure, the more failure factors and the more complex knapsack structure, so it is easy to have problems. Actual use is also, piggyback is prone to problems.

(2) From the actual situation, the domestic market for brush cutters is basically a professional market, that is, a durable machine. Therefore, the domestic market is basically not piggyback, and almost all of them are side-mounted.

The structure is simple, light and flexible. There are three types of front suspension, side suspension and rear suspension, and the most widely used suspension lawn mower is the most widely used one. Reciprocating mowers consist of cutters, cutter drives, cutter lifts, safety devices, and grass retaining devices. The working principle and configuration of the cutter are basically the same as those of the cutter of the grain harvesting machine.

The blade used has two kinds of light blade and engraved blade. Light knife blades are generally used. The cutter drive is also similar to the grain harvester, and biased crank linkage mechanisms and swing ring mechanisms are often used. Due to the large growth density and high moisture content of pastures, the average speed of moving knives is higher than that of grain harvesters, which is generally 1.6 to 2.0 m/s. The cutter lifting device is generally operated by a hydraulic system, which is quick and convenient to lift and can ensure the adaptability of the cutter to complex ground.