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Log splitter---The use of the wood crusher dust collector


The wood crusher dust removal equipment is one of the indispensable equipments for the workshop work. If your wood crusher dust removal equipment fails, then the entire production will have to stop. The reasons for the malfunction of the dust-removing equipment of the wood crusher must be clearly understood and resolved.

In general, the choice of dust collector is related to the dust removal type of the wood crusher. If the type of the wood crusher is particularly large, and the dust removal equipment does not work well for the wood crusher, it often causes certain difficulties.

The moisture of the material is relatively high, which makes the moisture content of the material higher than the moisture, which increases the viscosity and floatability of the material and causes dew condensation inside the dust collector. This will make the dust on the inner wall of the dust collector, which will damp the moisture and greatly reduce the dust removal effect.

The power of the wood crusher blower is powerful, but it can't reach the hot and cold attack, so install the dust remover and configure the equipment according to the wood crusher to control the temperature.