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Log splitter---The wood chip machine has a direct-connected drive


Wood chip machine is a professional equipment for cutting wood into pieces. The main cutting object is log and wood. It can crush round logs with a diameter of about 300mm. The size of the crushed wood chips is uniform, the size is adjustable, the thickness is adjustable, mainly moving and fixed. Two ways of working.

The wood chip machine has a direct-connected drive, which cuts the material through the built-in cutter head, cuts the material into pieces, and the size of the wood chip is adjustable. The wood chip machine has high output of cutting logs, simple operation and easy maintenance.

The wood chip machine is a device for producing high-quality wood chips. It is widely used in the preparation of industrial production of papermaking, particleboard, and MDF, and the production base of single wood chips. The cutting materials are mainly round logs. The wood chip machine adopts motor type and diesel type. The large-disc wood chipper has pulley drive and direct drive. The feed is divided into two types: horizontal feed and inclined. The discharge has upper discharge and lower discharge. Two ways. The wood chip machine has a compact structure, reasonable layout, simple installation, simple operation and maintenance, high production capacity and uniform cutting of wood chips.