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Log splitter---The wood powder machine is one of the hammer mills


The new wood crusher not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the application range from wood rakes to fruit hulls, from wood production to various hard material crushing, and efficiently completes various intermediate crushing, fine crushing, and ultra-fine crushing operations.

The whole set of equipment is driven by only a single motor. The structure is simple, the layout is compact, the price is cheap, the work is stable, the energy consumption is low, the output is high, the quality of the sawdust machine is good, and the processing cost is low.

Because of its compact structure, small footprint, good chipping quality, low power consumption, and suitable for mobile operation, it is widely used in the preparation section of small and medium particleboard and fiber board manufacturers, and can also be used for the production of commercial wood chips for individual households.

The wood powder machine is one of the hammer mills. It mainly smashes the materials to be crushed using the principle of blade swarf and airflow impact. This equipment mainly consists of smashing, grading, pneumatic conveying, unloading and dust removal. It eliminates the traditional screening process and uses wind energy to form a powder. The machine performance has been greatly improved compared to other similar products.