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Log splitter---Three advantages of the lawn mower


The lawn weeder is also called the lawn mower. According to the requirements of the lawn, the height of the stubble after the mowing is determined. The height of the grass is cut by one-third of the original height of the grass. Due to the special structure of the weeder, the grass can only be trimmed horizontally along the slope. It can't be trimmed down the slope. Be especially careful in special places, such as turning on slopes, beware of caves, trenches, mounds, and other obstacles in the grass.

The new stroller mower, no longer has a lawn mower, the piggyback/side-mounted mower, you have to carry it on your lawn mower, it will be very tired in a few minutes. The lawn mower is convenient, light and flexible. It can be used to harvest large wheat, rice, beans, shrubs, reeds, alfalfa and fish grass regardless of the plains, hills, terraces, triangles and other large and small fields. And other crops.

The operation is simple, the work efficiency is high, and an acre can be cut per hour, and it can also be carried by one person.


1.mowing the grass clean, trimmed neatly, adjust the height, left and right, no need to spend effort before and after.

2.can be trimmed (weeding) in lawns, orchards, manors, gardens, and mountains. not bend over when working, can be used by men, women and children. Replace the corresponding tool, install the upper and lower pallets and a safety shield, and harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds and tea garden branches and trims.