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Log splitter---Two major factors affecting the production efficiency of gasoline shredders


During the use of the gasoline shredder, some parts must be guaranteed. For example, if the engine is running normally, the pipeline must be sealed to avoid affecting the dust removal efficiency. Also pay attention to the air pressure. Only in this way can the vacuum gasoline shredder be more Efficient operation.

The operating speed of the gasoline shredder has a great influence on the productivity and power consumption of the gasoline shredder. Tests have shown that when the running speed is too low, the striking ability is lowered, and the wind power of the sucking powder is also small, so the productivity is low and the energy consumption is increased. When the speed is high, the pulverizing ability and the powder discharging ability are increased, and the productivity is improved. However, if the speed is too high, the vortex action of the pulverizing chamber is strengthened due to the increase of the blasting action of the rotor, resulting in an increase in no-load power consumption, and at the same time, the material speed is too high, and the chance of discharging the mesh hole is reduced, so the pulverization efficiency is also relatively decreased. .

In addition, if the blade speed is too high, the power consumption of the bearing friction and the agitation air will increase sharply, and the energy consumption per unit product will be significantly improved. Therefore, each type of shredder has a suitable speed range. In short, the appropriate blade speed should be selected according to the requirements in the instruction manual to fully utilize the efficiency of the shredder. Under the premise of satisfying the product mesh requirements, the automatic gasoline shredder should use sieves with larger mesh diameters.