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Log splitter - Wood chipper how to maintain?


     Wood chipper first heavy maintenance, the first heavy maintenance in the wood chipper continuous work after 1 month. Of course, this time depends on the specific operating time of the machine, about 500 hours later, hand pump cleaning, replacement of hydraulic oil. Check the accumulator pressure, if not enough, add nitrogen. Replace gearbox oil, oil grade 90 industrial gear oil or extreme pressure gear oil. Lubricating lubrication chain. Check the wood chipper and tighten the screws on the connecting parts. Check and adjust the tension of the V-belt. Then there is the double maintenance of deep maintenance, which needs to be carried out after the accumulated working time of wood chipper is about half a year (about 2000h). Main care is to wash all bearings, and put on new grease. Knife roller bearings for lithium grease, grease. Clean all chains and lubricate. Clean the hydraulic components, check the cylinder seal, replace the damaged components. Doing this double maintenance will allow your wood chipper to last longer and make your wood chipper more productive and quieter.