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Log splitter - wood chipper special structure and its use


Each device is designed in different shapes and styles for a reason, which is related to the functions he may produce. So for wood chipper design, drum shape is also a cause. we will explain how the special structure of wood chipper has made use of, so that customers can have a clearer understanding of wood chipper.
The main mountain frame of the wood chipper. The cutter roller, the upper F feeding mechanism, the feeding device, the hydraulic buffer system and the electrical control system are made up. The frame is welded with high strength steel plate, which is the support foundation of the whole machine. It has good rigidity and moment of inertia. The cutter roller is connected with the main shaft through the locking device or the key, and the structure is simple, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient. The feeding belt conveyor are installed and give two forms of material and tilt of belt conveyor belt, a head wheel, a tail wheel and a frame. The vibrating feeder is formed by the shaking slot, the base and the galloping part. Hydraulic buffer system of oil pump, small single cylinder hill where the valve is Wei Qiang festival. The cutting quality is high, the material is well equipped and the operation and maintenance is convenient.