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Log Splitter----Wood crusher performance characteristics


The equipment can be processed into sawdust wood, twigs, metal and other raw materials once, with less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic efficiency, easy use and maintenance, etc., is the development of edible fungus production or as particleboard, sawdust board, Board MDF raw materials for the production of special equipment.
working principle
Equipment structure
The main equipment of the feed hopper, broken two sticks, power distribution control system, discharge conveyor and power drive and other major components;
Feed silo: placed to be broken wood, to prevent the broken, the wood splashed out and cause accidents;
Broken double roll: double stick with wear-resisting knives, all cutter assembly, the formation of spiral knife, rotating, to ensure uniform force each cutter, two-roll through the buckle to ensure no big gap between the two-roll cutter plate, through Knife hook scratch and squeeze between the two sticks to achieve the crushing of wood;
Power system: feed reducer drive;
Discharge conveyor: an independent power system, the overall bolting machine in the crusher, you can take out the whole, maintenance and replacement part of the flexible and convenient;
This type of equipment can be directly fed into the feed bin directly by the broken two-roll fixed, hook scratch, squeeze to complete the crushing process. Third, equipment operation and routine maintenance
The equipment is fixed on the foundation, the first empty machine starts, check the equipment during the deformation of the parts such as damage, running, bearing and reducer filling quantitative oil, normal operation, the first out of the material conveyor, Then move equipment, until the equipment up and running, before feeding broken.
Before starting each shift, check the bearing lubrication, after each shift, carefully clean the equipment, it is forbidden to soak the equipment.