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Log Splitter---Wood shredder blade is what material


Some knowledge about wood shredder blades, wood shredders who know wood shredder blade is a common wearing parts, how to correctly extend the life of the blade it? This must first understand some of the blade's common sense. Below for the wood grinder blade to do a brief introduction.
First, the wood grinder cutter heat treatment
Through the appropriate surface heat treatment method, you can make the metal structure change, improve the tool surface hardness and increase its wear resistance.
Second, wood mill blade infiltration layer technology
Penetration layer technology is to change the chemical composition of the tool surface, improve tool wear resistance and corrosion resistance of a chemical heat treatment method.
Third, wood grinder blade coating technology
Plating is a traditional method of material protection. Electroplating adaptability, not subject to the size and batch size restrictions, in iron-based, non-ferrous, powder metallurgy, plastic and graphite substrate can be plated.
Fourth, wood mill cutter thermal spraying technology
Thermal spraying technology uses gas, liquid fuel or electric arc, plasma arc as heat source, heats the sprayed materials such as metal, alloy, cermet, oxide and carbide to molten or semi-molten state, atomizes them by high-speed airflow, Sprayed, deposited onto the pre-treated surface of the workpiece to form a firmly adhered surface layer.
Fifth, wood crusher tool coating technology
Coating technology is the surface modification of materials developed in the early 1970s. It is through a certain method, the tool substrate coated with a thin layer of refractory metal (or non-metallic) wear-resistant compounds to improve tool life, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance. Zhengzhou Bobang mechanical wood grinder blades all use special finishing deep processing, the general wear resistance of the blade 3 times.