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Log Splitter---Wood shredder operation method


    Wood mill is the production of sawdust sawdust equipment, branches, waste wood and other re-processing, recycling of resources at the same time, for the industry to provide a large number of raw materials for production.
Wood mill operation instructions are as follows:
     1, refueling, check the motor after the plug:
    Before using the equipment, the staff first need to check the equipment is filled with oil, if the fuel is not enough, it is best to fill the oil too little, not only will wear the equipment is serious, equipment operation efficiency will be greatly reduced , Or even stop running phenomenon. Secondly, after the oil is filled, the worker wood crusher also needs to check the power and wiring of the equipment. If the wiring is wrong, after the power is plugged in, the motor may be burned and the equipment may be paralyzed.
     2, check crushed raw materials:
    After the operation of equipment, staff began to feed, feed before the best of the wood impurities, such as iron, stone and other hard objects singled out, if the feed contains more impurities, the gear will cause more equipment Large wear and tear, will also affect the finished wood products. Larger impurities into the equipment, the grinder gear pinch, the greater the risk of stopping running, if the staff stop working after gear, and then clean up, not only increased the difficulty, but also may cause a greater degree of equipment damage.
     Finally, after the crusher has completed the crushing work, the staff also needs to inspect all parts of the equipment comprehensively and repair the places needing maintenance. Develop good maintenance habits, there may be wood crusher efficiency to extend the service life of equipment.