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Log splitter---You have to carefully bend the wood


If you are looking for some help with your bending wood and want to improve your technique,please take a look at this article.

First,Set up the steam box.Try to use the steam box to bend wood.In order to prevent the steam pressure from exploding the box,you need to make a hole as well as an exit hole in the box.

Second,Set up the form. This shape is a bracket that holds the shape of the steamed wood. When dry, the wood will retain its shape.
You may need to use clips to fasten the wood to the shape. You can make your own wooden clips or buy them. Try to make a circular cut that can be drilled with an eccentric hole; pass the bolt through the bolt and then drill another hole on the side that you used to close it. This makes effective clamping.

Third,it's time to steam wood. Turn on heat. Seal the wood indoors and start steaming. On average, wood per inch of thickness should be steamed for one hour.

Wait for a minute, remove the wood from the box and put it into the steamed wood. Take this out quickly after removing it from the steam box. Just relax and wait for the wood.

You have to carefully bend the wood and notice that different types of wood are more elastic than other woods, and different cuts can withstand greater forces. Breaking your wood will be a shame when you try to bend it.

Once it is fixed in place, the wood can be clamped. Some people like to clamp when forming wood.