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Log splitter---Main structure and working principle of the horizontal wood chipper


The horizontal wood chipper is a unified name for the crushed wood equipment. The horizontal wood chipper has a wide range of products, and there are many types of waste wood. The horizontal wood chipper can crush a lot of materials, such as logs and scrap templates. Branches, leaves, bamboo, etc., tree shredders, wood shredders, and template shredders are all horizontal shredders. The sawdust crusher is nothing more than a professional mechanical equipment, mainly grinding the wood into a sawdust shape for processing and utilization.

Horizontal wood chipper equipment can process waste wood into sawdust of 3-22mm size at one time (sawdust refers to sawdust and shaving powder left during wood processing). Due to the high utilization rate of wood chips, it is easy to store. People use heating and living energy. Some large biomass power plants and boilers use wood chips instead of coal and natural gas, which not only saves combustion costs, but also solves environmental pollution problems.

In addition, wood chips can be made into artificial boards, high-density boards, MDF boards, etc. by artificial compounding. The equipment has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, etc. The horizontal wood chipper is the ideal equipment for you to get rich.

The main structure and working principle of the horizontal wood chipper: during the three-blade cutting and grinding process, the rotor speed is high and the rotation direction of the blade, the repeated impact of the material in the airflow acceleration, the friction cutting, the three crushing effect, the crushing of the material When the airflow enters the analyzer for analysis, due to the centripetal force in the air of the rotor centrifugal force analyzer, when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, the fine particles collected by the airflow entering the dust collector, the coarse particles are crushed in the centrifugal reflection crushing chamber until you are satisfied with the fineness.