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Maintenance and precautions of Tree shredder


The tree shredder not only can flexibly adjust the discharge granularity, but also has a wide range of adjustment. The parts such as easy-to-wear tools have good quality, good wear resistance, high metal utilization rate, easy replacement of spare parts, and simple operation. In the orchard, the tree shredder can use discarded fruit branches, miscellaneous wood, corner scraps, bark and other nets to make full use of its value and turn them into waste. The pulverized material is generally used to cover the exposed soil to prevent dust; inhibit weed growth, moisturize the soil; manure or natural decomposing improved soil, good organic fertilizer potting soil; herbivore feed, edible fungus cultivation base; pulp and man-made Sheet materials; biofuels, etc.

Tree shredder maintenance and precautions:

1. The bearing of the wood chip crusher should be filled with butter in time. When the machine is continuously working, the grease should be added once every 3-4 hours. The temperature rise of the bearings (including the motor) should be observed. If problems are found, they should be stopped in time. After the troubleshooting, the production can continue.

2. The twig of the wood chip crusher should be re-adjusted after a period of use. If it is too tight or too loose, it will affect the equipment.

3. After the tree wood crusher works every day, the machine should be cleaned, check whether the machine case has cracks, whether the blade becomes dull, need to be sharpened or replaced in time, and whether the fasteners are loose or not. If problems or hidden dangers are found, they should be repaired in time.