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Maintenance of tree pier crusher


The maintenance of the tree crusher is reflected in all aspects of the process, not only in the process of its shutdown, when we work can also be carried out, in general, this is equivalent to our usual precautions.
1, the root of the crusher in the operation of the fixed is very important, the machine must be done on the ground hardening treatment, and write anchor bolts, try to ensure that the machine's pulley and motor pulley in the same plane, in order to To ensure the stability of the work of the pulley is also tight to let us pay close attention to the place.
2, on time filling grease, every 8 hours of root crusher bearing will be filled with a smooth oil, the amount of filling should not be less and less, the amount of participation can be seen from the smooth filling cup Do not flow out as well, other sports drive some of the smooth oil is usually filled with a day in the day after the completion of finishing the machine after the completion of the remaining tree root material can be filled.
3, the root of the speed of the grinder should not arbitrarily conditioning, the user does not go through the motor or the pulley method may increase the speed of the machine, we specify the actual use of the speed and the difference can not exceed 10%, or not only not progress The machine's production but the machine's own life to form a great impact.
4, do not arbitrarily remove the machine inside the tool and other parts, to prevent improper handling of the formation of a new fault, the root crusher in the event of failure after the factory even if the technical staff to prevent the formation of irreversible damage.
5, root crusher after the completion of the operation should be timely finishing the remaining materials and check the tool and the status of some of the screws to prevent the next boot in the formation of failure.log on to our official website for more details :