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Make a Practical Choice With A Log Splitter


A log splitter is necessary for people who need to collect wood or the people who work with wood. Hand-operated splitters cut logs through its sharp wedge on its end. The sharp wedge is pushed down the center of the log in order to split it. As an alternative, there are manual log splitters equipped with a single pump lever so you can hold the log in one hand while operating the splitter with the other.

Foot-operated splitters on the other hand, are becoming popular because of their better functionality. Pumping the splitter with your foot brings a lot more muscle power and splits the log more effectively. Your hands are also free to place the log snugly against the wedge before you pump the splitter with your foot and cut the log.

A manual splitter needs no electricity or fuel to run. This eliminates the cost of electricity and fuel every time you cut logs. It is ideal if you usually need just a few logs for the home fireplace or the campfire. It does not have cumbersome wires and motors; instead it is lightweight and perfect for carrying with you to camping trips and other outdoor activities. It is practically noiseless and requires only a small space for storage.

When using the log splitter, you should know some tips for usage. The log splitter's engine oil must be changed at the first five hours of use and every 50 hours subsequently. The hydraulic filter is available at lawn equipment stores and must be replaced every 50 hours of use. The beam must be lubricated on both sides before every use. If you like the exercise, a manual log splitter is great.