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Manual Wood Splitter


Cutting an entire stack of firewood with an axe or maul can give anyone a wood-splitting headache, but there is a good solution to this problem. Manual wood splitters just work in the same manner as your axe does, but with far more power, leverage and force to Log Splitter easily. The result you get by using such a tool is that the log splitting work can be done without any hassle. The wood logs get ready to be used in fireplaces or for other purposes in just fraction of time. This type of wood splitter is efficacious in performing splitting job because of its sharp edged razor.

Manual tools do not require any fuel or electricity. So these are considered as non polluting equipments. One can easily afford this type of splitter because it is not so expensive when compared to hydraulic or electric splitters. These are often available in 6/8/10 and 12 ton. There jack is either hand or foot operated. These are user friendly equipments that can easily be used by anyone.

Though there is variety of wood splitters available, but manual wood splitter is been preferred by most of the people who use these kinds of tools for splitting logs. Manual log splitters provide lots of features that is why they are considered as convenient and easy to use equipments.

It is troublesome & tiresome to split heavy and big logs into pieces by using an axe. A lot of effort and time is required to accomplish the task. With the introduction of splitters the process of splitting wood into small logs becomes easy and hassle free. One can easily cut wood logs for using them in fireplaces, stoves and wood furnaces. Manual splitter is one of the most useful forestry tools that are designed for the ease of the operator. This tool comes in variety of models and is meant to chop down even bulky wood logs into small useful pieces. In order to operate this tool all you need to do is to adjust wedge to log size, need to pump pedal until wood splits and then keep cut piece aside and repeat the process again until the work is done. It is easy and simple. Choosing log splitter over mallet or axe is an intelligent decision because with the help of this forestry tool you can fill your rack with loads of firewood without bleeding your hands. It is advisable to use this tool with safety measures in order to avoid any harm.

Safety Tips to use this forestry tool:

• Children should not be allowed to operate this tool

• While working with this equipment, do not allow children to come near as they can be injured by the flying debris

• Work boots should be worn out so as to remain safe

• In order to protect eyes, safety glasses are highly recommended

• Instruction manual should be read carefully before actually getting started with the operating of a splitter

• It is recommended to use such tool during the day time

• Avoid having alcoholic beverage while working with this tool as this slows your reflexes and can result in an accident

• Wet surfaces should be avoided for using splitters

It is recommended that wood splitters should be kept out of the reach of children and should be used with all the safety measures. In order to avoid any harm, please be sure to read the instruction user manual thoroughly. Necessary precautions taken can save you from critical injury.