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Method for increasing output of wood crusher


1, ensure the uniformity of feed belt, too fast or too slow, easy to cause wood crusher plug or no-load rate.
2, in the process of crushing the wood, because of the high fineness of powder, it is easy to cause a lot of waste, waste is also the main reason for the decrease in output.
3, grinding materials selection, brittle materials than hard materials easy to smash, fiber content less material than fiber content of materials easy to smash.
4, crushing material water content, low water content of materials easier to smash, water content is higher, the more difficult to smash. In the case of logs, the yield will decrease by 20% when the moisture content increases from 13% to 14.5%. Therefore, the water content of crushed material should be less than 13%. Moreover, from the point of view of storage, the water content of crushed materials should be less than 13%.
5, in other conditions are equal, the quality of the blade cutting more thoroughly, more efficient, longer service life, and the poor quality of the blade, in the high intensity of continuous work will be hot, soft, deformation. Thus greatly reduce the crushing capacity of wood crusher. Splitter