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New type of tree shredder sets the feed port on the side


At present, the higher usage rate on the market is still the old-fashioned cutter-type pulverizer. Because of its stable performance, it has been accepted by the market for a long time and has been used since the 1980s. This type of pulverizer is not bad, its smashing effect is good, the quality is good, the efficiency is high, and the production cost is low, and the price is relatively cheap. So many users really like to use this shredder.

But now the situation is different. If we want to enter the orchard and work directly in the mountainous area, then the crusher is too heavy and difficult to move. In addition, the crusher mouth is placed above the crusher because only The upper material is crushed, and the material can directly enter the crushing bin for crushing. In this case, manual feeding is very difficult, and it is not so convenient to save labor. The most important point is that this old-style pulverizer is crushed by high-speed rotation of the hammer piece and cannot be pulverized at one time. It must be smashed by high-speed rotation and then sieved through the sieve bottom to achieve the pulverization effect. However, there is a problem in that the dry material can be crushed, and the wet material is difficult to be crushed because the dry material has a low moisture content, is easily broken and separated through the sieve bottom, and the moisture content of the wet material is high and is not easily After smashing, and because of the high water content after pulverization, it is easy to paste the mesh hole, causing the bottom of the sieve to be unreasonable and boring. Resulting in slow discharge or even no discharge.

The new type of tree shredder sets the feed port on the side, and the position is also relatively low. It is easy to feed and saves labor and effort. The tree shredder uses the alloy blade to directly pulverize at one time. It does not need the bottom of the sieve, and there is no boring phenomenon. The discharging speed is fast and uniform, and the effect is very good. Mobility, the overall weight of the machine is reduced, and it is easy to pull and move in the forest or orchard. Powerful, configurable diesel or motor version.