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Note on the maintenance of wood chip machine


    Wood chip machine must pay attention to the spindle rolling bearing temperature should not exceed 65 ℃, such as more than 65 ℃, should immediately change the oil, if still invalid, you should remove the bearing with kerosene clean, coated with lubricants, and then work. For your safety, please read the maintenance of the wood machine Note:
   1, the machine before each start, the lubrication point of oil, and check the rugged bolts are loose.
   2, pay attention to rust, the motor shall not be damp, no water, to prevent corrosion of parts.
   3, pay attention to electricity safety, in strict accordance with the requirements of the motor signs wiring, and connected to a good line.
   4, feeding mouth, cutting room to ban the extraction of metal, debris. If any abnormality is found, turn off the power immediately.
   5, wood chip blade if blunt or collapse, should be 4 at the same time grinding to ensure that after the installation of the balance of the cutter, the end of the knife should also be replaced after the blunt, or seriously affect the chipping quality.