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Notice for use of wood crusher


   Wood crusher is specialized in light materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials and other special difficult grinding of new milling equipment, then, in daily use, we should pay attention to what?
   1, do not arbitrarily increase the speed of sawdust crusher. Generally allowed and rated speed difference of 8%-10%, when the crusher and the larger power machine supporting work, should pay attention to control flow, and make the flow even, can not suddenly, fast and slow.
   2, add grease. Is the most common type oil cup assembly cover on the bearing, under normal circumstances, as long as 2 hours every 1/4 turn to cover the oil, grease in the cup can be pressed into the bearing, such as enclosed bearings, can 1 times every 300 hours filling grease.
   3, wood crusher (wood grinder) after the machine is started, shall not be opened to see or check any part of the machine. All tools shall not leave the machine, when the abnormal sound should stop immediately after the machine stopped before the overhaul.
   4, timely inspection and clean-up. At the end of each day, the machine should be cleaned in time to check whether the screws are loose or not, and the wear of the fragile parts such as jaws, screens and so on.
   5, carefully cleaning the raw materials to be crushed, it is strictly prohibited to mix copper, iron, lead and other metal parts and larger stones and other debris into the crushing room.