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Operating wood chip machine technical requirements


Before carrying out the operation of the wood chip machine, we must carefully read its instructions and precautions, and the basic structure of the equipment, operating procedures must master the skill, which is a basic requirement, so that we have to go through each of the steps to be Well prepared, then today we want to talk about the basic technical requirements of the operation.
1, To give full play to the performance of the machine, the operator should not be less than 2 people, with 铡 material may not have iron, stone and other debris.
2, Wood chip machine work properly adjust the amount of material feeding, too easy to cause overloading stall, too little impact on cutting efficiency.
3,Work, such as blocking material, are not allowed to use hand or iron bars forced feeding, should immediately shut down for removal.
4, Wood chip machine at work, such as abnormal or hear abnormal sound should immediately stop checking, check before cutting off the power, prohibit the operation of the machine troubleshooting.
5, The activities of a daily filling of butter, the main bearing 300 hours need to add a lithium grease.
6, Stop working, should allow the chip machine idling for two minutes, blowing machine dust, weeds, and then shut down.
Wood chip machine at work, in accordance with the relevant technical specifications to operate, each link needs to be serious, if you do not pay attention, it will give the device a certain impact, so that, in addition to the operation of the equipment to do a good job outside , But also need to master some of the skills and methods of operation.