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Poor feeding of wood machine


Cause of issue:
1. Feed roller tooth wear;
2. The oil pressure is too high, the feed roller pressure is not enough, or the oil pressure is too low, the pressure on the feed roller is too large;
3. The space between the inner wall panel and the outer wall panel is blocked by debris, the feed roller does not fall to the end, can not hold the lumber;
4. One-way throttle throttle is blocked, resulting in high oil pressure on the feed roller pressure is not enough, caught wood;
5. Base knife platen wear, bottom knife blade too much pressure plate, resulting in raw material at the end of the knife does not feed;
6. Wood with bark (especially fresh branches bark material).
Method of exclusion:
1. Change the feeding roller
2. According to the state of raw materials, adjust the hydraulic pressure to adjust the pressure on the feed roller;
3. Often sweeping machine frame, the outer wall space to prevent the accumulation of debris;
4. Clean or replace one-way throttle;
5. Replace the bottom knife platen;
6. Remove the bark, branches of the tree roots forward feed.