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Precautions for maintaining the wood chip machine


Wood chip machine is mainly a number of pine, logs, aspen wood or sheet of a class of products for processing, is a professional production of high quality wood equipment, we use it, we must not forget it for maintenance, which Is to improve product quality is more significant way, then what is in maintenance need our special attention?
1. Wood chip machine can not rust, can not damp, can not water, to prevent mechanical corrosion.
2. To pay special attention to electrical safety, must be strictly in accordance with the instructions for the use of motor wiring, but also to connect the ground.
3. Each time you start the chip machine, remember to lubricate each lubrication point, but also note that, check each bolt is not loose.
4. If you find a special feedstock mouth, immediately turn off the power to ensure that the chipper cutting chamber to draw metal, debris.
In order to make better use of wood chip machine, when we use it, we must do a good job of its maintenance work, so as to better improve its work efficiency.