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Prospect analysis of wood chip processing industry


The wood processing industry prospects analysis found that, in recent years, the wood processing industry has become one of China's manufacturing industry develops fast and has a good prospect, the average growth rate much higher than the entire manufacturing industry. According to China's report hall statistics, from 2001-2010 years, wood chip processing industry output value of an average annual growth rate of 25%, the average annual sales growth rate of about 26%. In 2010, the wood chip processing industry achieved 674 billion 425 million yuan of industrial output value, accounting for 2% of GDP. The following are the prospects of wood chip processing industry in China: wood has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high ratio, good elasticity, impact resistance, texture, rich colors, easy processing and so on. Wood industry has low energy consumption, less pollution and renewable resources. Therefore, it occupies an important position in the national economy. From the analysis of wood processing industry perspective: now the wood processing products have logs from the primary processing products such as timber, sleepers and other poles, timber, to rework products, such as plywood, fiberboard, particleboard and other man-made board, so that the wood industry formed an independent industrial system. In forest industry, wood chip processing industry and chemical processing of forest products are both the following industries of forest harvesting and transportation, and they are important departments of comprehensive utilization of timber resources. The prospect of wood chip processing industry indicates that in recent years, with the influx of the international capital market, the wood chip processing industry in China has developed rapidly, and the production capacity has been improved rapidly. Most of the new customers observe and analyze the market prospects of wood chip processing. No matter for any wood chip processing industry, it is necessary to analyze many factors. The market prospect of processing wood chips is a good choice at present. The utilization of wood chips is more and more extensive, because the sale of chip machine produced by our company is increasing year by year.
According to the wood processing market survey report shows: the use of wood processing, with more and more people, the core reason is because of the rising demand for wood, wood chips use not only for the paper, but also can be used for processing, wood powder plate processing, edible fungus cultivation and so on. In addition, as the market demand continues to expand and the demand is increasing, the demand for wood chips will continue to increase.
Wood chip processing industry prospect analysis shows that the processing of wood chips, with the continuous development of the market, the price of wood chip material continues to rise, the prospects of wood chip processing is very good. However, the mechanical equipment, chip machine, price and products of wood chip processing have been greatly improved, and they have a good market application for wood chip processing.