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Rules for operation of wood cutter


1、Prepare before starting

(1) the paper cutter is responsible for checking whether there are any foreign objects or unsafe factors around the wood splitting machine. (2) by winderman dipping drum to wood splitting machine, auxiliary work, back to the paper class in charge of assisting the drum placed in position and fixed.

2、 paper cutting step

(1) turn on the "3 emergency stop" (right turn). (2) turn on the power supply: in the "power control switch", insert the start key, turn on the main power supply, and stop the indicator light at this time. (3) open the oil pump: press the "oil pump" button, "running indicator" light, at this time, wood splitter has been opened. (4) the operating rod cutter by wood splitting machine head without site safety factor, began operating "guillotine lever North" and "south pole control rod, the paper roll to cut paper core tube. (5) raise the cutter.

3、closing steps

(1) stop the oil pump: press the "oil pump stop" button, stop the indicator light, turn the power control switch off, and take out the key. (2) take emergency stop: "3 emergency stop button must be pressed, and the locking lever to touch the absolute prohibition of guillotine. The wood cutter stops. (3) lock the paper cutting lever because the cutter will still decline due to the absence of hydraulic pressure. (4) take the core, feeding: the auxiliary worker and the back paper supervisor take the paper core tube and return it to the paper class. The operator will cut the returned paper into the pulp crushing machine.

4、safety precautions

(1) winderman responsible for dipping drum to the pipe ends with "pin" clamped in the hanging drum drum, so as not to fall, danger. (2) the key of the power control switch is saved by the value monitor; the start and stop of the wood chopping machine is responsible for the monitor of the value, and the assistant and the supervisor of the back paper department are responsible for the assistance. (3) open reel, back to the paper class will be responsible for the loss of paper into paper pulp machine, cutting edge will not cross or any part of the body in the gate, the section length, monitor, auxiliary work, back to the value of paper class person in charge of supervision and inspection, found the behavior of the parties immediately expelled. (4) do not use wood chopping machine, also to supervise the operation of one yuan not near the wood splitting machine cutting edge; "3 stop" switch is in the closed state; "guillotine lever lock".