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Safe operation of lawn mower


  1. Prepare before operation

(1) the operator must carefully read the instructions and familiar with the lawnmower to master the using method behind the prospective use. (2) the operator shall not wear pants, barefoot or wear sandals. (3) the lawnmower near the non operating personnel, shall not work.(4) before the operation, should remove the stones on the grass, sticks, wire and other debris. The grass shouldn't be too wet. (5) random reserve fuel shall be packed in a special container and placed in a cool place. (6) before starting to add fuel according to the provisions, in order to avoid the fire, the fuel will not add too full, if the oil spilled on the surface of the machine, should be clean, if spilled on the ground, should move to a certain distance before starting the machine. (7)check the cutting mechanism before starting, whether the protection device and drive gear are normal or not. Do not use the lawnmower protection device is not installed. Once the blade is cracked, the blade notch or blunt should be replaced promptly and sharpened. (8) with clutch or emergency brake cutting device, before starting, the toilet should be in a separate state. I, lawn mower folding handle, should be in operation before the locking operation, to prevent accidental loosening and out of control. J, check the reliability of the shutdown device before operation.

2, in operation

(1) hands and feet are not close to rotating parts while operating.(2)the operator from the lawnmower engine flameout, should stop. The cutting mechanism should be stopped when is transferred. (4)the engine and the cutting mechanism is stopped to check and move the lawnmower. Be careful with your hands and feet when you check and move. (5) the engine must not exceed the speed limit. (6) when the engine overheating, should be idle after the operation can stop.(7)the lawnmower back or pull, should be careful not to hurt hands and feet. (8) during the operation, we should always pay attention to the lawnmower no abnormal phenomenon, if there is abnormal sound and loose parts etc., should be immediately shut down for maintenance. Take care of the exhaust pipe (muffler) when you check and adjust the engine is running, the engine is overheating, or smoking next to the machine, no refueling. (9) in the slope or uneven lawn on the job, should be appropriate to reduce the speed of travel. To slow down or start, in case the accident (10)after the blade touches the stone or other obstacles, should immediately stop, check whether there is damage to parts. (11)the following operations should be carried out after shutdown. Remove the collection bag; adjust the cutting height or remove grass channel blockage etc.. (12) riding lawnmower are not allowed to take the non operating personnel. (13) only a small piece of grass mower operation; multi mower operation at the same time in a larger lawn at the same time, should maintain a certain distance between the lawnmower, in order to avoid danger. (14) close the fuel tank switch after the end of the day.