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Safely Use A Log Splitter by Yourself


Any machine that exerts 20+ tons log splitter must be used carefully. Please note the following:

You can only use the log splitter in daylight. Always wear sturdy shoes or boots, as well as safety glasses. When the wood splits, sometimes fly.

Do not wear jewelry that may be stuck in the focus separator or loose clothes. Make sure the beam is locked before starting. Cut the original square root before splitting. Do not try to split multiple logs at once. This is not a game. Keep your work area clear from any wood around the machine, so you do not travel. There is only one operator for a while. The person who loads and stabilizes the log is the person who controls the handle.

For safety reasons, always operate the pneumatic focus separator on a flat, rugged, dry ground. Stability is the key. After finding the ideal place to work, make sure the front and rear of the tire are heavy. Make sure that when your log splitter bounces, it will not hit you. Always operate a gas-powered logarithmic dispenser from a safe operating area.

To adjust the position, release the beam lock and turn the beam into the desired direction. If you want to split the wood vertically, you must manually re-lock the beam. Not doing so will lead to really bad things. If you want to split the wood horizontally, the beam will automatically lock when you lower it to the position.

Place the left hand on the side of the log opposite the beam so that alignment is stable. Never put your hand at the end of the log, or between the log and the end plate.

Move the handle to the forward position and observe the wedge for all work. Once the wedge touches the log, immediately remove your left hand and then continue holding the control handle to the advanced position. Release the control handle to stop the wedge. Move the handle to the "reverse" position and return the wedge to its starting position.

If, for any reason, the wedge only partially splits the wood or stuck, the control handle is immediately moved to the reverse position. Then, move the control handle back to the advanced position.