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Safety knowledge of chip machine


   Wood chip machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, so it is necessary to conserve and protect it before it can be used more steadily. Let's take a look at the wood chip machine protection      common sense:
   Protection knowledge of chip machine:
   If the blade of the wood cutting machine is blunt or broken, it should be ground together with 4 pieces to ensure the balance of the rear cutter head of the machine. After the bottom knife is blunt, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of the chip. Wood machine operation is necessary to pay attention to the spindle bearing temperature will not exceed 65 degrees, such as more than 65 DEG C, should immediately change, if still valid, it should be unloaded clean with oil bearing cleaning, coated with oil, and then began to work.
    Pay attention to power safety, strictly according to the requirements of the motor board wiring, and connect the ground wire. Before each start of the machine, grease the smooth points and see whether the anchor bolts are loose or not. Feeding port, cutting room, no smoking metal, sundries. If abnormal conditions are found, the power shall be closed immediately. Pay attention to rust prevention, motor shall not be affected by damp, water shall not be allowed to prevent mechanical corrosion.