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Safety operation of wood chip machine


Wood chip operation should pay attention to:
1, to give full play to the performance of the machine, the operator should not be less than 2 people;
2, with guillotine materials may not have iron, stone and other debris;
3, work, the appropriate adjustment of the amount of material feed, too much easy to cause overload stop, too little impact cut off the efficiency;
4, work, such as the emergence of blocking materials, are not allowed to hand or iron bars and other forced feeding, should immediately stop to clear;
5, work, such as abnormal or hear the abnormal sound should immediately stop inspection, check the power must be cut before the ban on the machine running troubleshooting;
6, the active parts of the daily filling of butter, the main bearing use 300 hours need to raise a lithium grease;
7, stop working, should let the machine idle for two minutes, blowing the machine dust, weeds, and then shut down.